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C21 Creative Communications Ltd, The Court House, 9 Grafton St, Altrincham, Cheshire, WA14 1DU

Nappies, Nurseries and High Profile Advertising Campaigns

The juggle is real. After having my first child, the thought of returning to work and trying to balance a career with parenthood seemed daunting.  In such a fast-paced environment with tight deadlines, I wasn’t sure if the balance was achievable. Would I finish my work in time to complete the nursery pick up? Would…

Creativity – The Unpredictable Pursuit

Do I think about success when creating ideas — I don’t think so? I think about the pursuit of the idea. Hopefully success comes later. The creative process is like a game of ping pong with a wonky ball, it bounces on the table and it can go anywhere — it’s unpredictable. It’s like random…

Working from home (WFH) and the changing face of office space

WFH, the acronym and soundtrack of 2020. Once an aspirational dream of the average work commuter and forward-thinking millennial – now the world’s new norm, with Covid-19 accelerating a growing trend into an unavoidable certainty. For some employers, WFH has finally knocked the office space over the edge. Transitioning the traditional work place from necessary…

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