C21 Creative Communications, is delighted to announce three new board appointments, as the Altrincham-based agency transitions leadership from founder Christina Clarke to current Client Services Director, Emma Beagrie.

Emma takes over the role of Managing Director, from April 1st, having joined the company three years ago. With extensive industry experience, Emma has been instrumental in helping set the future trajectory of C21, and keeping the business on track despite difficult economic conditions.

The agency – which became an Employee Owned Trust in 2021 – celebrated its 25th anniversary last year and continues to nurture longstanding relationships with clients that span the globe. Specialising in healthcare, business-to-Business, public sector and housing, the team delivers highly successful integrated campaigns for forward-thinking organisations, focused on creating positive change.

“I’m incredibly excited and honoured to be taking on the role of Managing Director. It’s been a fantastic three years, working alongside Christina and the wonderful team we have here. We will continue to create exceptional work for our existing clients, as well as delivering great projects for new clients such as Active Travel England, which I’m delighted to announce has recently awarded us a 12-month contract. So, the C21 story continues, and I’m looking forward to leading such a strong team into the next chapter.”

Emma will be joined on the board by Creative Director, Angelo Giaquinto and Design Director, Neil Parsons. Angelo has successfully led the creative department for the past two years, bringing a fresh vision and positive energy. Neil Parsons – one of the founding members of staff – will cement his role, ensuring the high-quality standard C21 is renowned for remains core to the company proposition.

Christina will remain in a support role, as Founder and Chair. Whilst the exec team will continue to be supported by Company Secretary and Financial Controller, Cath Hook, maintaining essential fiscal stability and expertise.

“As Walt Disney famously said ‘progress is impossible without change’ and, after 26 years in business, if C21 is good at anything, it’s good at adapting and thriving.” Christina affirmed. “We’ve experienced so much since 1998 – economic upheavals, technological advancements, even a pandemic – and we’re still here. For me, personally, it’s been life-shaping and a privilege. Now, it’s exciting to hand the baton over to an exceptionally competent and talented team. I know they will continue the company’s incredible success.”