We’ve been advocates of WordPress for years at C21, using it as our preferred platform for all our website projects. However, with WordPress Gutenberg, the old rigid page templates that can be a struggle to use and involved people getting to grips with at least the basics of coding are now gone. In its place is block-based editing, which is user-friendly, flexible, mobile-friendly, and it even boasts incredibly helpful accessibility features. Whether you’re a digital pro or a complete newbie, Gutenberg can simplify your content management and elevate your website to the next level.

Now, those of us familiar with website management have all heard of the third-party “page builders” that tried to fix the classic editor’s problems. They seemed like a great idea, but in reality, they were clunky, hard to learn, and often didn’t play nice with other plugins.  Gutenberg isn’t like its digital predecessors – it’s part of WordPress itself and backed by the WordPress creators so we know it works smoothly and effectively.

With Gutenberg you can drag and drop blocks, rearrange them, mix and match. Want an image gallery before your text? Go for it! Swap out a contact form for FAQs? – simple. It’s like building with digital Lego bricks.

With Gutenberg, you’ll be able to change the colour of text and backgrounds to those set out in your brand guidelines. No need to pay extra for a developer to adjust the code – you can edit them yourself. And the best part? With the built-in accessibility features, if you’re picking colours that are tough on the eyes, Gutenberg will let you know so you can adjust them.

But don’t just take our word for it. Our coding whiz, Jonathan Haslam, has been around the digital block for over two decades, and he says Gutenberg is “simply beautiful” and “will change your life!” High praise, right?

Here Jonathan lists some of the many benefits of choosing Gutenberg:

  • Block-based editing: Gutenberg is block-based, which means that you create and edit content using individual blocks. Instead of wrangling with clunky templates, you can create and edit your content with individual blocks. Paragraphs, images, videos, buttons – you name it, you can drag and drop it. This block approach makes it easier to create rich, complex layouts without our clients needing to code.
  • User-friendly interface: Gutenberg has a more intuitive and user-friendly interface compared to the classic editor. It simplifies the content creation process for users of all skill levels, making it easier to format and style content.
  • WYSIWYG editing: Gutenberg provides a “What You See Is What You Get” editing experience, allowing you to see a live preview of content as you edit.
    Making it easier to visualize how the final page will appear on your website.
    Blocks appear visually in the backend CMS, so you’ll know instantly at-a-glance which block you are editing and where a block appears on a page.
  • Enhanced content layout: You can create sophisticated new page layouts without the need for additional development. Gutenberg’s block system allows you to add and re-order layout elements with ease and speed.
  • Customisation and flexibility: Gutenberg is highly customizable. C21 can create your own custom blocks or use third-party block plugins to extend functionality. This flexibility allows us work together to tailor your site to your specific needs.
  • Better mobile experience: Gutenberg is designed to be mobile-friendly, making it easier to edit and create content even on smaller mobile and tablet screens. Allowing you to update your website wherever you are.
  • Accessibility: Gutenberg places a strong emphasis on accessibility, making it easier for users with disabilities to create and manage content.Our design team will ensure your website is compliant with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.1 AA/AAA compliance) or Accessibility Requirements for Public Sector Bodies.
  • Consistent editing experience: Regardless of the type of content you’re creating; blog posts, new pages, new contact forms – Gutenberg provides a consistent editing experience, simplifying content management across your site.
  • Security and performance: Here comes the technical stuff. You can rest assured that alongside Gutenberg’s improved security, we’ll make sure your website is secure over HTTPS with SSL certificate and well-engineered using Security Headers (‘A’ rating or above). We host all our sites on our VPC server and ensure your website will perform well in Google PageSpeed Insights / Lighthouse.We also run a Monthly Maintenance package which includes Cybersecurity to protect your website from Malware and Viruses.
  • Community support and continuous development: As Gutenberg is a core feature of WordPress, it benefits from a large and active user and developer community. The Gutenberg project is actively maintained and updated by the WordPress community, ensuring ongoing improvements and new features. And of course C21 will always be on hand to help support your website through our Maintenance and hosting plans….

In a nutshell, WordPress Gutenberg is a game-changer, and at C21, we’re thrilled to embrace it as an integral part of our website projects. It’s a breath of fresh air for content creation and editing, making life easier for both seasoned pros and newcomers. So, what are you waiting for? Contact us today and let C21 help you step into the future with Gutenberg. Your website will thank you.