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Five things we learnt from going back to the future

Our away day this year was a first for some and one of many for others.

Account Managers, creatives and designers alike all congregated at King Street Townhouse Hotel comforted by endless amounts of coffee, pastries and bacon sandwiches.

As is the custom for our away days, our MD, Christina Clarke kicked off the day by running through the itinerary and introducing this year’s theme “Back to the Future”.

The theme involved looking back over our beginnings, the staff that made our agency a success (and that are still here 20 years later), the client’s that were and still are integral to our success and growth, the positive culture that’s become so contagious and the changing face of the C21 family.

The team were lead through a timeline of our history – exploring life in the agency 20 years ago which, for most in the room, conjured up images of a Mad Men-esque type world, while two of our youngest members of the team realised they would still have been in nappies.

The question we were asked was simple. If we had a DeLorean time machine, which era of C21 would we return to and why?

Aside from our fun, team building weekend to Malaga in 2016, it was clear the overall winner was 2011, where most people felt we were “on top of our game” getting recognition from both our clients and within the industry.

But what else did we learn by going back to the future?

  • Our recipe for success can be defined as three ‘C’ strands; Customer Excellence, Creativity and Culture.

Each strand is interdependent and the most successful times within the Agency are when we maintain equilibrium of three C’s.

  • Our team’s fondest memories of C21 are times when we’re the most motivated, progressive and determined.

We are pioneers; award-hungry, hard working and ambitious and as a team we recognised we are at our happiest when we feel like these qualities are being exercised to their full potential.

  • In the words of Dolly Parton “Working 9-5” may be a thing of the past.

The team deliberated on a new flexible approach to working, to better suit the needs of our clients and promote a healthier work/life balance. We questioned the whole construct of an office, agile working and out dated employment patterns but decided that for now, office stays!

  • Robots are going to take over. And it’s both interesting and scary.

In this post modern era, where robots and AI are becoming quicker, smarter and adding “more value” than humans, we discussed how C21 can adapt to ensure we’re still here and contributing to our client’s success in another 20 years.

  • No matter the changing face of C21. One thing remains a constant – We go above and beyond for our clients.

The day ended on a perfect, quite opportune note. Three of our team members had been scurrying away whilst the away day was taking place, working on an urgent deadline on behalf of a client. As we were finishing up, the Hotel Manager interrupted us to announce a surprise delivery of Champagne had been sent by our client to thank us for all of our hard work!

Cheers to another great away day!!!

Sophie Melrose, Account Executive.